1.4 Your Role as a Caregiver

Suicide caregivers create a safety net for the person in need. You are part of the social support they can fall back on and a guide towards a healthier state of being. You might be thinking your part is too small to be considered a suicide caregiver. No matter the size of your role, supporting someone who is thinking about suicide is an important task.

Why is it important to identify as a caregiver? Caregiver duties are usually on top of any job, family and social obligations. The process can be challenging and time consuming. This title helps you understand the responsibilities and time the role can require.

Let’s take a look at what it entails:

By putting your suicide caregiving experience into words, you’re recognizing the importance of this role and accepting it as a part of your life. Thinking through these responsibilities and how they may affect you will help you prepare for the challenges in this new role.


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