2.1 Suicide & Me

Many people have never taken the time to reflect on their feelings about suicide. It’s important to take time to process how you feel around this topic because what you believe and think about suicide can influence your caregiving approach.


Below is an unfinished list of thoughts about suicide for you to complete. There are no right or wrong answers. The focus of this exercise is to allow you to reflect.

Suicide is...
A. Wrong
B. An individual choice
C. Tragic
D. Selfish


I would do...
A. Whatever it takes
B. As much as I can
C. Only what I'm asked
D. Very little
...to prevent someone from killing themselves


A. Elderly
B. Veterans
C. Teens
D. Anyone
...can be at risk of suicide


I will feel...
A. Ashamed
B. Embarrassed
C. Sad
D. Fine
...if someone I am close to kills themselves

Being aware of your beliefs about suicide and knowing how to better present them will allow you to feel more prepared. No matter where you stand on these statements, you can be a crucial support for a person in need.


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