4.3 How to Set Boundaries

As you think about aspects of your relationships that can benefit from setting boundaries, consider these questions.

  1. What tasks do you do as a caregiver that affect your health negatively?

  2. What else bothers or frustrates you in your role as a caregiver?

When you come up with items you need to set boundaries for, it helps to have a guide and plan out what you have to say. Incorporating the Tips for Difficult Conversations, let’s take a look at how you might set boundaries with Alex who is calling you during overnight hours for emotional support.

Simple Difficult Convos.png

Download this template and use the suggested steps to communicate your needs with the person in need.

Setting boundaries is a continual and collaborative process. Making sure you involve the person in need when creating a plan to honor your boundaries. This helps them better understand where you are coming from. Boundaries take time to sink in. Be firm and work together to ensure everyone’s needs are met.


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