5.5 Moving Forward

As challenging as being a suicide caregiver can be, it can also be rewarding. Helping a person through this incredibly vulnerable time increases your capability to handle other life stressors. Your experience as a suicide caregiver has given you a different perspective in life which can help you better emphasize with others in times of need.

noun  | re-sil-ience  | \ ‘ri-zil-yən(t)s’ \
The process of becoming stronger after experiencing challenges in life


Take some time to reflect on the questions below:

How have you grown throughout this process?

How has your perspective on suicide and life changed?

What are some strengths you see displayed by the person in need?

Let’s hear from some caregivers on what has kept them going.


Suicide caregiving is not a linear process and your role as a support doesn’t end here. As this challenging process continues, it’s important to reflect on how you and the person in need have both grown, changed and adapted. Keeping these tips in mind will help you stay resilient through difficult times.


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