Getting started with SID

What’s up with the porcupine?


When porcupines feel threatened, the sharp spines on their backs flare up to protect against predators. These spikes make them appear difficult and maybe even scary to approach. In the same way, suicide can be a challenging topic for both you and the person in need due to the spikes around it made of stigma, shame and fear.

How do we approach it then?


It’s easiest to connect with porcupines in their natural environment as that’s where they feel most comfortable. Once you gain their trust, the spines on their back lay flat and won’t hurt you! In the same way, creating a non-judgmental space to talk about suicide is crucial for you and the person in need to embrace the topic and share your feelings. It’s important not to sugarcoat these thoughts and talk about them directly.

Keep these lessons from porcupines in mind as you navigate through the site. The tools provided will help you become more comfortable and skilled with handling suicide as a caregiver.

All of the porcupine icons on this site were created by Melody Liu. Check out her Etsy store here!

How do I use this site?

The materials on this site are divided into five modules:

The modules are meant to be viewed in order as outlined in the navigation bar to the left. Under each module, you will find different sections filled with activities and videos that help you understand suicide and how to approach being a caregiver. Each section is numbered to help guide you through the materials in order.

We are constantly looking for feedback on how our materials can be improved. If you have any suggestions about this site, please fill out the Contact Us page to let us know!

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