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Daniela Zanich, LCSW

Clinical Mastermind
MSW - University of Southern California

Clinician and suicidologist by day, professional Netflixer and robe-wearer by night. I am a lover of people, a lover of helping, a lover of helping people. I also love my plants and can be bribed to go almost anywhere with food.

Find out more about my professional background here.


Johanna Louie, LMSW

Operations Wizard
MSW - Columbia University
MS, Human Behavior - University of Southern California

I’m a professional conversationalist. From interviewing guests onboard a Disney cruise to counseling callers on a suicide crisis line, I can talk to you about most things imaginable. Unless you don’t like pasta...then all our conversations will most definitely revolve around me convincing you otherwise.

Find out more about my professional background here.

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