Suicide is different.

Chances are you reached this site because you’re supporting someone who struggles with thoughts of suicide.
You now play a crucial role in someone’s support system as a suicide caregiver.

Suicide Caregiver
noun  |  sui-cide care-gi-ver  |  \ 'sü-e-sīd 'ker-gi-ver \
A person who supports someone experiencing thoughts of suicide

  • While providing care, the suicide caregiver must also be aware of their own well being despite the task being big or small
  • The role can be formal (i.e. therapist or crisis worker) or informal (i.e. family, friend, loved one)

We’re glad you’re here.

Learning support skills quickly while maintaining some sort of normalcy to life can be a difficult balance, sometimes creating new mental health struggles. This site will provide you with the space and tools to:

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